About me

I am graduating from Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (also Yao Class), Tsinghua University. I’ll be a new Ph.D. student in Princeton University.

I’m broadly interested in theoretical computer science, with a focus on cryptography and its interplay with other fields.

During my undergraduate, I was fortunate to be surrounded by great people.

  • I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Yilei Chen who sparked my interest in cryptography.
  • During the first half of 2022 I spent an awesome time working with Prof. Elette Boyle in Reichman University in Israel and in NTT Reseach. It was also my honor to meet Prof. Yuval Ishai in both places and have inspiring talks with him.
  • It was my honor to talk to and learn a great deal from Prof. Johan van Benthem who sparked my interest in logic. Working with Prof. Fenrong Liu and Prof. Sujata Ghosh to explore special modal logics was also a great experience for me.
  • It was a blessing to be accompanied by my friends in Tsinghua University! They are outstanding researchers to talk and work with:
    Zihan Hu (theory), Ziqing Huang (NLP),
    Mengdi Wu (computer systems and compilers) and Jiatu Li (theory).